Five Counter Terrorist Techniques Security Officers Can Use Right Now

All acts of terrorism are crimes. The FBI categorizes two basic types of terrorism in the United States – domestic terrorism and international terrorism.

Domestic Terrorism – involves groups or individuals whose activities are directed at our government.
International Terrorism – involves groups or individuals whose activities are foreign based or directed by countries outside the United States.

It’s no secret that nearly every act of terrorism is intended to hurt or damage individuals, governments, businesses, and communities.

I think everyone would also agree that the objective of a terrorist is to inflict “maximum damage” on their targets without being detected before the attack is carried out.

Terrorists survey areas with high numbers of bodies and activity before their plan is executed. Planning and preparation for an attack takes time and involves significant risk for most terrorists. This is where the trained Security Officer can make a difference.

Security Officers are on the front line of protection and can minimize a terrorist’ efforts just by performing their every day duties of physical security.

More specifically, here are five solid techniques you can implement in your Security Officer training that will lay a good foundation for deterring terrorist activities:

DETER – deter the terrorist’ plan by “hardening the target”, and minimizing the chance of 100% success. This includes checking identification, packages, and vehicles before they enter a secured area. Make patrols or routes of travel unpredictable.
DELAY – delay the potential terrorist by using barriers, locks, and fences. Slow down vehicular access to sensitive areas.
DENY – deny terrorists the use of media leverage and widespread panic. Control the area of responsibility you are protecting.
DETECT – detection of terrorist activity can be accomplished by the use of threat assessment techniques. It can also be detected by conducting searches, using detection equipment (x-ray, metal detectors) and utilizing CCTV systems.
DEFEND – defend your position and your policies. Never make exceptions for certain individuals. Be consistent.

Put these techniques into practice and your environment will be a much safer place.

Stay feisty!


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