Great Example of An “A” Rated Security Officer Report- Part 1

Well…as promised…I wanted to post an example of a great Security Officer report…so let’s jump into the reasons why I think this is a great report.

First, the report is four pages long. Yep…you read that correctly. Four pages long….to cover a typical eight hour shift. That alone should tell you that this Security Officer takes his job seriously. Huge contrast between this example and my previous posts on “poor report examples”. And because the report is a total of four pages, I broke it up into two parts so I could give it more attention. In this post I am going to review the first half of the report (page 1 & 2).

Notice the attention to detail provided in this report. For example, the Officer mentions that he observed “a lot of trash and cigarette butts in the wall planters.” He also writes “I observed a BMA (Black Male Adult) loitering next to the wall planter. I am assuming this is the same planter filled with cigarette butts, right. If so, this information would be very helpful if that BMA were to commit a crime at the location or assault someone near the post. DNA can easily be taken from a cigarette butt right?

Onward. The Officer then explains that he “picked up seven discarded receipts in front of the store”. You may be thinking, “Why is he picking up trash? That’s not his job.” If you know how crooks use discarded receipts then it becomes much clearer. Many thieves will pick up random receipts from a retail location, steal the item (or a similar item) on the receipt and then return it later for a cash refund. The retailer loses….big time. That’s why the Officer is picking up discarded receipts.

Then the report describes another potentially serious scenario. “Electrical wall box loose from the wall mount near the entrance”. Can you say “Customer SHOCKED by loose electrical wire…sues retailer for lot’s of money!” The Officer even states, “Clear and sunny today”. This is a great line of information that could potentially save the client thousands of dollars in a liability lawsuit if a customer claims the retailer “neglected a puddle of water from the rain earlier that day”. Fat chance that will work….thanks to this report.

Can you start to see why this is a great report so far?

Let’s move on…

The Officer describes in his report that he “checked all fire extinguishers.” Obviously, this is important if a fire started at this location. If the extinguishers were old or outdated, they wouldn’t be very helpful to put out a fire, would they? It also appears the Officer routinely checks the restrooms for signs of graffiti. This is a great example of proactive thinking that pays off many times during public post assignments. If you check the restrooms at regular designated times on your shift, then you’ll be able to focus on a suspect when you actually find some graffiti. Makes a lot of sense.

The Officer also writes that he “Greeted ten customers” around 1600 hrs. This is great because he is communicating with the client’s customer base and displaying a visual presence that is sure to put many customers at ease during their visit to the retail location. Smart.

Remember…this is an eight hour shift and there are already a lot of golden nuggets of information in this report so far.

Stay tuned for the second half and I think you’ll agree with me that this report deserves a high grade!

Stay feisty!

Talk soon…



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