Great Example of an “A” Rated Security Officer report – Part 2

Let’s continue our review of a great example of an “A” rated Security Officer report. I divided this review in to two different posts so that we could go through it in more detail. If you missed the first part of this review, you can see it here. Remember, this is a four page report that details the Officer’s activities over an eight hour shift. Let’s pick it up on the third page at approximately 1636 hrs.

As you can see on the top of page # 3, the Officer relays the customer’s concern over the homeless suspect that made contact with a customer earlier in the shift. The Officer is more than likely communicating this issue to keep the Manager updated on the activity in front of the business.

The Officer then describes that he “investigated” an audible car alarm. He even writes the year and model of the vehicle ( 2002 Dodge) when he explains that the owner is having trouble with the vehicle. Great follow-up.

An important factor that is documented on this report is the typical lunch break. The noted time is valuable because the Officer is not normally held accountable for the time they are away on a break. This is also a good time for an Officer to make phone calls or conduct any personal business that may interfere with his or her duties while on the clock.

The Officer returns from break and indicates that a Police patrol car is patrolling the front lot…which is “half full”. This is great information for the client to read…especially if the local Police Department is taking a preventive role in detouring crime around this business.

At 1922 hrs. the Officer indicates that he conferred with the Plaza Security Officer. This is a smart move on the Officer’s part…as it keeps him informed of any issues he may not be aware of in the general area. The more information…the better.

As we near the end of this report on page # 4, the Officer continues to monitor the parking lot and reports six cars in the lot and everything is safe and normal. He then enters the location and reports that the emergency exits are clear and safe. Again, this is great information that can save lives in the event of a major earthquake or a fire, right?

The Officer winds down his shift by indicating there are only four vehicles in the lot and all is normal. He indicates that he greeted four additional customers, as well.

Isn’t that much better information than writing “all code 4” on every line of a report?

I think it makes a huge difference. I think the client of this Officer would definitely agree.

I want to congratulate this Officer on writing an excellent report!

In my opinion, this is an outstanding example of an entry-level report. It definitely gets an “A” grade in my book!

Take this example and use it as a model to follow when writing a detailed activity report. This type of report will not only help you shine as a Security Officer, but it may even get you noticed enough to get promoted. Think about that…!

Stay feisty!


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